Why I write

I think I discovered why I write. Try to write. Or, aspire to become the writer I aim to be. And it was long before I put words to paper.

Even before I received my first Beatles album, I was infatuated with music. I was always dancing around, or clapping along with the beat. As I got older and began to realize what music was, I wanted to know everything I could about it. I studied its history, and it is filled with great poets. Their flowing poetry is put to music, and when blended just right together, it’s magical. It’s moving, and it feeds my soul.

I didn’t know it, but I was a fan of the written word then. It was just in musical form. When I finally did put word to paper, my respect for lyric and music writers grew. So maybe, just maybe, I was destined to become a writer.

One thought on “Why I write

  1. The Happy Typewriter

    So good. I was just thinking about songs and words yesterday since music has always been a big part of my life. A comfort. And it’s mostly been because of the words, I realized. We connect with words, with the stories they tell. Song lovers would be lovers of writing, I reckon.

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