She knows people were going to judge, but she didn’t care. For the first time Dawn was in love. Her mother was the bigger problem. She was the most judgmental person Dawn knew. It was why Dawn was shuffled between her mother and father for fifteen years growing up.

Dawn was on her way to her mother’s house the day after she and Ken decided to move in together. Dawn knew what she was getting into with Ken, and had to make her mother understand that him being in a wheelchair didn’t matter.

Her mother opened the door, “Hi mother.” Dawn put her arms around her mother’s shoulders, “Drinking at ten in the morning?”

“It wakes me up, besides, it’s my day off.” She lead Dawn to the kitchen, “What’s this big new you want to tell me?”

Dawn put hand on her mother’s, “Mom, I’ve met someone. His name is Ken” She swallowed hard, “We’re moving in together.”

Raising an eyebrow, “Really?” She pulled her hand from under Dawn’s, “How long have you known him? Does he have a job?”

“Mother, stop!” Dawn folded her arms in annoyance, “I love him, and that’s all that matters.”

She shook her head, “Another words, no.” She sat back in the chair, “So you’re going to support him?”

“Mom, it’s not like that.” Dawn let out a deep breath, “He’s in a wheelchair, and can’t work.” She rested her arms on the table, “Well, he can, but it’s better for him money wise if he doesn’t.”

Her mother go up and poured another drink. Dawn sat there watching her mother, while beads of sweat formed on her forehead. Dawn never did anything without her mother’s approval, but this was different. Dawn was willing to give up everything for Ken, including her mother’s judgmental ways.

“Does you father know?” she sat back down at the table.

Dawn smiled, “Yes,” she excitedly said. “And he’s happy for me.”

Dawn left her mother’s house convinced she was going to try, and not be so quick to judge. All those years of being that way won’t be easy to change. Dawn knew that. But she was going to try, and that’s all Dawn could ask.

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