As a disabled person, I can almost–almost–understand how some people can be bitter at the world, and think that life owes them something. I’m sure we’ve all known someone like that at one point. Someone that sees fault, and speaks negatively about everything is happening. And they put down what someone else does because, they can’t do it, or they can’t be bothered. Or, they are so jealous with envy that they just put everything down just to make themselves feel better.

Getting back to me, the disabled person, who just maybe might have some right to be a little pissed at what life has dealt. But it is not in me to be pissy at the world, or thinking that the life owes me something. Life doesn’t make you, you make the life that you want. If life isn’t working for you, instead of being pissed, and someone no one wants to be around, change it.

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