Astronaut Heath Morris left Earth in 4047 for a black hole in space that was a proven time machine. The hole was located 96.92 million miles from Pluto. The same amount of miles from the earth to the sun.
Traveling at three times the speed of light, it should have taken about five hours to reach. But something went wrong. When Heath woke up from hyper sleep, the instruments told him that the space craft was going to slow, and barely got up to speed when it entered the hole.
Heath didn’t know how long the craft was lost in the hole. It landed on a planet it some unknown galaxy. The on-board galaxy finder read the planet of Zolak in the Trander Galaxy. Heath never heard of either one.
He open the port hole, on to of the space craft, just enough to see if the air was breathable. It was. Health opened it all the was, and inhaled the freshest air he had breathed in God knows how long. He slowly peeked out not knowing what to expect.
The air felt moist, not too cool or too warm. Heath had to shield his eyes from the hazy sun. Just like earth, the sun was yellow. But the sky was pink, like a new born baby’s skin. When his eyes adjusted there was nothing but a blanket of green forest as far as he could see. It was one of the most beautiful greens he ever saw. Trees were so tall and full of leaves he had to strain his neck to see the top.
In the distance he could hear something roar, and saw what looked like a caveman running through the trees. What kind of planet was he on? Heath let out a deep breath when he wasn’t seen. He wasn’t prepared if the caveman charged after him.
The roaring got louder, and thunderous steps shook the ground below him. He quickly grabbed his weapon and binoculars. He saw, through the trees, a giant green lizard. Was it a dinosaur? Where was he? Maybe the instruments on the space craft were right, and he was nowhere near where he should be.
He ducked down into the ship. The little ray gun he had wasn’t going to do a damn bit of good. He played with some buttons, and twisted some knobs, but the ship wouldn’t fire up. He grabbed a spear gun and climbed out of the ship.
He ran and hid behind the nearest tall tree, which wasn’t far. The beast got taller the closer it got to Heath. It had green-brownish skin, and claws sticking out of feet. Its eyes sat on either side of the face, and were all black.
When it was out of site, Heath went into the ship for a few days worth of food, and a canteen of water. He set out to see where the caveman came from, and if there were more. He also had a feeling that there’d be more giant creatures out there. There had to be water; it was the main thing he was looking for.
Searching for two days and seeing dinosaurs and some cavemen, Heath came to realize that he did not go to some distant planet. He had got back to when time started.

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