Goodbye Kimberly

“Fuck me,” she said, lying on the bed with her legs spread in the air.
Ty was in awe of Amanda’s beauty, and her eagerness. It hasn’t been that long since Kimberly ripped his heart out, and eloped with his roommate. He didn’t know if he could, or even wanted to be with Amanda that way yet. Ty wasn’t a, jump in bed with the first girl you see, kind of guy. But Amanda’s eyes, and soothing voice enticed him. The best way to get over someone was to get on top of someone else, and he went for it.
He jumped on the bed, and pressed his lips firmly on hers. Ty snarled as he kiss and nipped her neck while sliding his fingers between her legs feeling her moistness. He crawled over her, moving his mouth over her nipple. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and Ty slid into her. She screamed in delight.
He rolled off of her after climaxing together. Goodbye Kimberly, he thought, and pulled Amanda close to his chest.

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