Governor Pete Evans was afraid it was going to happen. As soon as Senator Chuck Swift took over as President, the first thing he did, despite numerous terroristic threats from other nations, was disband the military. Surprisingly, seventy-five percent of the population supported the move, along with half of the Congress. Gov. Evans’ state was the only one to not support the President.
Two months after President Swift disbanded all military personal, Russia attacked both coasts of the United States. They must’v had troops secretly in Cuba to attack the east coast of the U.S. so easily, and without being detected. Every day the President went on T.V. to say everything would be all right; that if no resistance is shone, they would stop attacking. The people weren’t buying it, and grew angrier with each passing day.
Gov. Evens gathered his troops, who were training, secretly, in the mountains of West Virginia since President Swift announced he was going to run for the nation’s highest office. The Russian troops were no match for the well-trained U.S. Militia, and witnessed Russia’s retreat after a week.
President Swift immediately, and swiftly resigned in shame, and dropped out of politics.

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