Bobby let Harry by himself at the funeral home. Even though they were best friends, Bobby couldn’t imagine what he was going through. Bobby was the only one who knew how Harry really felt back when he dated Tina. Tina felt the same way, but always had bigger dreams than Harry. Tina always confided in Bobby about her plans to leave Pittsburgh for the bright lights of New York.
Bobby felt guilty for not telling Harry, but Tina swore him to secrecy. He wonders if he should tell him now. What, if anything, would it do to their friendship? Or, their partnership? What good would it do other than get it off Bobby conscious.
On the way back to the station, they didn’t speak. Bobby knew Harry was going through a rough time, no matter how much he didn’t show it. Words might only complicate the issue. Bobby was always there for Harry, and nothing is going to change that. Harry will open up when he’s ready.

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