New House

It was the first Halloween in our new house. We finally were able to move out of that small, three room apartment. Even though it wasn’t much bigger, to me it looked like a palace.
Mom and me went around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. It was the first time going from house to house in the dark, instead of the apartment building. The air was crisp, with an Autumn chill. Stars blanketed the sky, with a full moon lighting the way.
We returned to the house after our journey. Mom was anxious to get inside to rest her tired feet. I stood outside looking at the house. Something didn’t look right. There looked like a light fog surrounding the house, with a glowing ring around it.
I called for mom, a few times, to come see. She never came. I went inside to see why she didn’t answer. Looking into the living room, I saw a shadowy figure on the wall. Slowly, I walked toward it. The closer I got, the smaller it looked, until it disappeared altogether.
I saw mom lying on her back on the dining room floor looking like she was sleeping. Her face was pale white. I went to shake her awake, but my hand went though her, like she wasn’t there. She opened her eyes, they were a glowing red. I stepped back quickly. Her mouth opened revealing eye squinting white teeth with fangs on each side.
Suddenly I heard cracking, and popping around me. I looked up to see pieces of the ceiling coming loose, and ready to fall. I started to run around the house, screaming for mom. The whole house started to shake, and moan. I looked in every room, but not finding her. Just cracked walls and over turned furniture.
I ran to the front door. It felt like something was trying to push me outside. I turned around, but nothing was behind me. I heard another pop, and the living room was suddenly on fire.
I ran outside where I found mom yelling for me, and crying. We raced to the car, and drove off.We returned to the house the next morning hoping to salvage some of our belongings. To our amazement, the house was in one piece, just as beautiful as the day we moved in.

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