NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) starts on Saturday, and after considering not doing it after I fizzled out and just gave up last year, I decided to give it another attempt. This year I have a better view of what I want to do, as opposed to last, where I really didn’t have a direction to my story. I have a partial outline, if you can call it that; a few scene notes on a bulletin board. But I know where the story is going with the scenes playing, like a movie, in my head.
But NaNo, to me, is not about reaching a word count goal. Even though I’m aiming for 50,000 words, and to finish a first draft by the end of the November, it’s setting a daily routine of sitting me ass in the chair and pounding out words on the keyboard. And not worrying about typos or spelling or finding the perfect word. That’s what second, and third, and forth drafts are for. If, no, when I do this, I’m sure I’ll have a substantial word count, and hopefully, a finished first draft.

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