Famous Crimimal

Always liked this one.


What did they expect with a name like mine. My parents’ thought it was cute naming me after a famous criminal. I thought it was just sick. I mean, who would do that to their kid?
All the boys liked it though. They thought it was cool. It was easy pickings. Hell, I just danced with them, and they thought I wanted to fuck them. Which wasn’t totally wrong. We’d go back to my place, have a roll in the hay, and I’d put them out of their misery.
That’s why I’m here in this court room waiting for the judge to give me my sentence. They only have me on the two body’s that were in my car, though. I doubt they’ll find the other fourteen. I took them, two by two, twenty miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, chopped them up, and fed the fish.
Like I…

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