Ten bodies in two weeks had the city on edge. All killed the same way. A single gun shot, point blank, to the chest, and the police had no suspects. Abby was having a good laugh reading about the lack of progress by the cops.
Abby never felt so alive. Every kill was like bringing Josh, her son, who was shot in a drive by, back to life. Every murder left her hungry for more, and feeling more invincible. It was as if Josh was guiding her.
One afternoon, basking in the glory of another kill the night before, Abby was reading the paper and noticed a picture of one of her victims. The paper said he was married, and has been missing for three days. They must not have found his body. Abby wanted to go get the body, and get rid of it before it was found.
Abby convinced her brother, Joe, to help her. Pointing a gun at him, it didn’t take long for Joe to agree. They got in Joe’s van, and went to pick up the body. In the middle of that night, they were going to dump it in the middle of the river, with a cinder block tied around the body. But it wouldn’t be.
Quietly parking the van in front of the space between two buildings, Joe and Abby got out not noticing the two cops. The cops looked up, and Abby made eye contact with one. Abby pulled out and pointed her gun at the cops. She looked at Joe, yelled “Run,” and was back in the van in a flash. Out the window, she saw Joe surrender, the coward.
Abby’s invincibility was broken. She needed guidance, and sped toward Josh’s grave, with cop cars in pursuit. Abby sat down in front of the head stone, pointing the gun to her head. With tears streaming down her face, she said, “Mommy’s coming.” She heard hurried footsteps behind her, and turned around.
Just before she pulled the trigger, a voice inside her head told her to put the gun down. She dropped the gun, and fell to her knees, sobbing. As she was being handcuffed, Abby kissed the air, and said, “I love you.”

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