Another waitress was about to leave for a better life. Abby wondered when it was going to be her turn. She’d been working her ass off in that diner ever since she had the kid, and her husband left her. Not that she regretted having a son, but Abby couldn’t help but wonder how her life would be if she hadn’t met Phillip.
Abby’s whole life was centered on that boy; he was the light in her life. The reason she did bust her ass so hard to provide for him. It wasn’t a glamorous life being a waitress for eight bucks an hour plus tips, but it was what she had to do to put food on the table. It wasn’t her fault that she had to move in with her brother, Joe
“Bye Julie,” Abby said, hugging her. “Take care, good luck.”
She watch Julie walk out the door, and away from here. Abby’s eyes teared up as Julie rounded the corner and out of sight. But Abby was happy for her friend, who was moving to Chicago with her new husband.
Julie was the fifth waitress to leave within three months. Abby’s head was spinning from all the new people she met, and their names she had to learn.
Three customers came in, and Abby went back to work. All was normal until Joe came rushing in the door. He was all flushed, and could barely catch his breath.
“Josh,” he managed to say, “was just shot.”
Abby dropped the two glasses of water she had. “What? Is he alright?” she asked frantically.
“Don’t know They took him to AGH.”
“Lets go!”
Abby didn’t bother to tell her manager, and raced to the car with Joe in pursuit. What was her manager going to do, fire her? Her kid was just shot.
The hospital was fifteen minutes away, they got there in seven. But it was to late. Josh died in the ambulance. Abby fell into her brother’s arms, sobbing.
Abby fell into a deep depression after the funeral, blaming herself for Josh’s death. She bought a pistol, and vowed revenge, for a life, that turned dark and bleak. Soon the world would know who Abby Farmer was.

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