She got that urge again; that uncontrollable feeling of wanting to know her brother. After being in that life for so long, she thought, what was the point? But after seeing a couple with two toddlers, boy and a girl, and the fact that Brandi wanted to know more about her past, Brandi decided to get in touch with Bobby. She’d come so far in improving her life, why not take it one step further.
It wasn’t so long ago that she was in a unwanted engagement. He didn’t even love her. He just wanted her for his play thing; that was when she wasn’t being pimped out. But he never hit her, and she was thankful for that.
Brandi had no choice but to say yes when he asked. She had no where else to go. Not after having the blowout with her mother, or the woman she thought was her mother. Right before graduation, Brandi heard her mother scream her name into the phone.
She got the nerve to ask her mother about it the next day, terrified as she was. Brandi wasn’t afraid of much, but her mother was another story. It all stemmed from a strict upbringing. Brandi wasn’t allowed to do much of anything growing up. Hell, she didn’t go on a date until she was seventeen. And that was only because the parents arranged it.
All Brandi got out of her mother was that she had a younger brother in Pittsburgh, and his mother was her real mother. There was shouting between them when the woman she called mom refused to answer questions as to why Brandi was raised by her and not her real mother.
After graduation, and still pissed at her mother, both mothers, Brandi boarded a bus for God knows where. All she knew was it got her away, and she wanted to get as far away as she possibly could.
Brandi stepped off the bus in L.A. with no money, but she shared a seat with a local who told her where she could work for room and board; that is if she didn’t mind taking her clothes off. Brandi wasn’t ashamed of her body, but stripping wasn’t her idea of a job. On the other hand, she really didn’t have much choice.
With those blue eyes and big bouncing boobs, she quickly became one of the more popular girls dancing at the Hen House.
She started to work more often, and was introduced to pills to keep her going. It didn’t take long before she became addicted. She was taking a couple of pills every time she went on stage, which was at least fifteen times a night, and still not making a lot of money.
A customer name Steve asked for Brandi on a regular basis. He was shorter than she was, but had a quirkiness about him that Brandi liked. She didn’t mind dancing for him, and after a while, looked forward to it.
They struck up a friendship, and when Brandi wasn’t working, was with Steve. Steve proposed and offered to take care of her if she would stop dancing. Brandi loved the idea of not dancing anymore, but was still leery. Steve convinced her, and gave her a ring that looked like it cost ten-thousand dollars. Brandi thought she was set, and content on marring Steve even though she wasn’t in-love with him.
It didn’t take long for Brandi’s contentment to turn to sadness. She was taking more pills than ever just to get through the days and nights. She was more of his sex-slave then his wife. Whenever she tried to say no, Steve would threaten to kick her to the curb. After a while he’d advertise her for sex, and rented her out to lonely men. What could she do? She didn’t want to be homeless, or penniless.
It went on for six months before she decided to escape. But how? She had no money. He wouldn’t allow her to have any, or to go anywhere alone. She looked at the ring on her finger, it would be enough to get her away from here.
Every night she’d serve him a glass of whine before bed. Tonight she’d dissolve Rohypnol with his and make her escape. She wanted to make sure he’d stay asleep, which he hardly did. When she knew it was safe, she got what she packed from the closet, and sneaked out.
By morning she had hocked her ring for a nice chunk of change, and was on a bus bound for home. It was time to make up with the woman that raised her. Trish was sick when Brandi arrived, and didn’t have long to live. Brandi regretted not being there, and for leaving like she did.
After the funeral, Brandi took the money from the ring, and the little Trish left her, and bought a small house in Virginia where she raised horses and continued her education.

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