Skyler Jackson PI

I told Vinnie to call the local authorities, and that we’d be there in about four hours. The car couldn’t get there fast enough for Darla, me either, for that matter. If there was a chance, slim as it might be, that Karen was alive, I wanted to get there as quick as I could. I said A silent prayer while Darla clutched the cross that was around her neck. I must’ve hit every short cut because it only took two and a half hours to get there. It just felt longer.
The local’s had the property surrounded when we got there. I could see, in the distance, a log cabin with smoke coming out of the chimney. I got out of the car and told Darla to stay there and lock the doors. I grabbed a rifle from the trunk and headed toward the cabin. I could hear a faint scream as I walked through the woods. It got louder the closer I got to the cabin.
I stopped, looked behind, and motioned for the cops to follow. Suddenly the screaming stopped. A gunshot blast came from the cabin. I paused. I heard the scream again, louder than before. I took off running for the cabin. I could hear footsteps behind me. Every stride I took my breathing got heavier, and my nose started to fun from the cool mountain air.
The scream was deafening when I reached the cabin. Three cops, heavily armed, went up the steps to the door. A gunshot shook the ground. The cops barged in.
Inside, I saw a bearded man with one gunshot wound to the chest, lying on the floor, dead, in a room with animal heads hanging on the walls. Karen, her hair matted and wearing just a T-shirt, was tied to the bed in the other room.
I sent a cop out to get Darla. She rushed in to see Karen get untied and covered up. Darla swallowed Karen up in her arms, both of them sobbing. I just watched and smiled as the two sisters held on to each other for what seemed an endless embrace. It choked me up a little.

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