When I was young I’d hear people say I remember when this happened 25 years ago, or that happened 30 years ago, and thought it’ll be nice to say that one day. But instead of that, I say, Where the hell did the time go? How long ago was it? Yes, time flies when we aren’t paying attention. Actually, even when we do, it still flies. Even though its be 27 years, it seems like yesterday that I graduated high school. Now my class-mates are sending their kids off to college, some even have grand kids.
It has been a long, but short 27 years. But I wouldn’t want to go back to my 20’s, or younger. Turning 47 meant turning another year wiser. Maybe not smarter, but wiser. You know, and have confidence in yourself. Something most of us lacked in our earlier years. You know what you want, and how to be happy. And, damnit, I’m gonna be happy. Getting older should be a happy time. Cause if you’re not getting older, you’re not living. And the thought of not living doesn’t make me happy.

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