All Of Us

I woke up to Lynn stroking my hair. She gently kissed my lips. I smiled, and rolled on top of her. I went to kiss her, she gasped and turned away. I didn’t want to look up, I knew.
“What’s going on?” Beth demanded, as she’s poking my back.
I turned over and sat up. Grabbing Lynn’s hand, I said “Don’t you remember? We talked about this last night.”
Beth looked at Lynn, “It was supposed to be all of us.
“You got drunk,” Lynn answered. “You told me to take him to bed with me, and that you knew how he felt about me.”
Know matter how hard I tried to hide it, Beth knew I loved Lynn. I did love Beth when we got married. After all we’ve been through the last sixteen years, I couldn’t bring myself to say I wasn’t in love with here anymore.
I pulled the covers down, “Come on in.” I grabbed Beth’s arm.
Yanking it away, she snapped, “No!”
“What’s the big deal?” I yelled.
Lynn got up, and went in to the bathroom. “You should have waited for me.”
“You did tell us to have a good time”
Lynn came out of the bathroom obviously annoyed. She gave of us each a kiss, said call me later, and walked out the door. My heart broke a little watching her leave.

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