Dear Shining Soul

I am writing to tell you about the physical life I had. Even though my body was broken at such a tender age, I did not waver. I pushed on with a lot of hard work, and made it through the dangers of my early childhood. I adapted to my body, and had the best childhood I could. I didn’t sit and mope because of my broken body. I was always out side having fun with all the other kids. It didn’t matter to them that my body wasn’t as well as theirs. As long as I was out there playing, the kids didn’t care.
Once I was full grown, that yearning for fun did not stop. Neither did the pure joy I felt for life, and the world around me. When my body broke down more because of age, I still went around with a smile for the world. I was blessed with many people who loved me. I tried not to hurt anyone. And tried to forgive anyone that hurt me.
I had a great life with a not so great body. But hoping my next physical life is better.

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