Jim packed up all of his belongings, said his goodbyes, and headed west. He got tired, and fed up with his job. Every day it was the same routine; wake up, sit in traffic to and from work. Then there was the job. Watching stock figures bounce up and down all day wasn’t his dream come true, and he couldn’t see himself doing it for thirty more years. It’ll drive him batty.
He always remembered something his father told him when Jim was a young boy. He told him not to regret anything. And Jim knew if he didn’t take a chance and follow his dream that he’d regret it for the rest of his life. Everyone thought he was nuts for going to Hollywood to see if he could sell the screen play he wrote. Maybe he was. But he was also excited. Five years ago he never would’ve had the balls to take a chance. He was riddled with self-doubt and unhappiness.
It took three years, and waiting on many tables, but he sold the script and found steady work as a writer. He just wished he didn’t waste seven years at that dead end job, and start the rest of his life sooner. Jim found what he was looking for, fulfillment.

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