Open Heart

Jealousy! That’s why I got drunk last night. Why should I be jealous? It’s not like we were, or probably ever going to be an item. I didn’t even have the balls to tell her how I felt, and now it’s to late. But to find out she’s going to have his baby; that’s a hard pill to swallow. Good for her, but I would’ve rather herd it from her instead of reading about it on social media. It’s not like I ever had a shot anyway. She’s way out of my league. Not to mention she was born after I graduated high school.
Why do I open up my heart to pain, or fall easily? It’s not like I go looking for heartache. It seems to find me. I try to guard against it and be hard, but my transparency shows. My heart always seems to get me into trouble. Of all the bumps, cuts and bruises I’ve had, heartache is two hundred time worse.

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