Dark Sky

We were strolling along the beach as the sun started to slowly sink into the sea; me with my camera, and Amber with her sketch pad. The gentle cool breeze touched our faces while we both admired the view. After about five minutes, the wind picked up to rage causing the surf to to become choppy, splashing on to us. Fighting to keep our balance, the sky grew darker and more ominous. Just as quickly as it raged, the wind calmed. A triangular object was hovering over head. I snapped picture after picture of it until my camera was out of film. The object floated down coming to rest on the surface of the water. Amber looked at me, and I at her in disbelief. It was growing taller before our eyes. Fully enlarged, it sailed away from us. We watched it until we couldn’t see it any longer. I was anxious to get home to develop my film. But when I did, there wasn’t anything there but a setting sun.

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