The Heart Knows

She’ll understand, and say it’s okay. She always says everything is all right. Ha, who am I kidding? She never understood anything, or every tells me it was all right. I thought opposites were supposed to attract? Not in our case, we’re too opposite. If I said the sky was blue, she would say it was red just to piss me off. Is there any wonder why I wasn’t happy, and found someone I could be happy with? I guess she wasn’t happy with me either.
When I discovered lipstick on he neck, after she came home from work on night, I didn’t say anything, but followed her from work the next night. I followed her to a house on the east side of town, where a woman let her in. I walked around the house peeking in every window. I came to the bedroom window, and saw my wife and this woman in bed together. I quickly went back to my car. I don’t know if I was in shock. Confused, maybe.
After watching my wife leave, I got the nerve to go and knock on the door. The same woman answered the door. I couldn’t help thinking, my wife has good taste. She was beautiful, with a capitol b. She looked at me with those dark blue eyes, and I saw my future. Sometimes the heart just knows.

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