Back in Time

Don shut his eyes, and blew out the candles on the birthday cake his mother made for him.  He knew it was silly for a forty year old man to make a wish, but he did anyway.  He wanted to go back in time, to the Christmas morning when he was ten.  That was the Christmas he spent in Florida, at his grandparents house, on a family vacation.  It was the first time he remembered being away from home.  Something about the Cuckoo-Clock on the wall he saw upon entering stuck in his mind.

Back before life was about to get complicated. Chasing a career was still a goal. Not going from job to job trying to make ends meet. And before he threw almost twenty years of his life away on what he thought was love. Do this, and do that. Like a fool he obeyed because he didn’t want to be alone. What was supposed to be a fun part of his life turn out to be a living hell. Was his broken body punishment for the bad choices he made?
Don opened his eyes, “Good morning Grandma.”

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