"Does he know he's not coming back, Dr. Chad?" asked Dr. Lee. I smiled, "Not a clue. He thinks he'll be the first human on Mars. The fool." Truth was, Peter Hugh didn't deserve to be on this earth. Not after what he's done, and everyone he hurt. It wasn't hard to get him to …

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I’m Found

Here I amWhere you beenI've been sittin here waitingFor something good to come along You came downAnd finally found meIt's nice to seeYou kept looking for me Everything is more clearNow that you're hereIt doesn't scare meTo look in the mirror Glad to see you believedAnd didn't quit on meWouldn't you knowI still believe in me  


No! It wasn't possible. She died in my arms three years ago. I promised her I would move here to keep our dream alive. Rhonda always wanted us to come to Hollywood, she thought our writing was good enough. Me, I had my doubts. Still do. Wish I believed in us the way she did. …

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Beach Day

I had mixed emotion about the day.  I wasn't looking forward to a day with my ex-wife, but that's what Cody wanted for his seventh birthday; mommy and daddy together to spend the day with him.  We put our differences away, and decided on the beach.  Cody loved playing in the sand.  I pick up …

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