Ode To Jackie


He did it before Martin Luther had a dream. He did it before Rosa Parks refused to get up. He did it because one man had the courage to say not haveing a black man in Major League Baseball is wrong. He did it with the courage and conviction to not fight back. He did it with dignity, humility and grace. He changed how baseball was played, and how it was watched. He played with such recklessness that he earned the respect of his peers. He was rookie of the year, competed in All-Star games, won pennants and a World Series Championship. He was the pioneer of a nation of pioneers. He was Jackie Robinson, the man, the ball player, the crusader.

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Tony got a lump in his throat when he looked up from his desk to see who knocked on the door.  It was her.  Harper.  The only one he ever loved.  She took him places, and made him happier than he ever thought he would be.  When she chose her job over him it damn near …

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Push me away

Don't push me awayI am strong, not easily afraidDon't push me awayI will just sway Don't knock me downI will not frownDon't knock me downI am too sound Don't ignore meI will be heardDon't ignore meMy voice will be loud Don't judge meI am who I amThat's all I need to be Push me awayIf you dare