Midnight Rain

Raindrop shadows Dance on the dashboard Neon lights shine Under a stormy night Water covered streets Glisten where the intersection meets A damp cool breeze is blowin through the trees Slippery leaves Lay around me As the rain falls From heaven above


He was as ready as he could be.  But is anyone really prepared to hear what his doctor told him?  He sat with a brave face listening as he was told this would be his last birthday.  A small tear ran down his cheek.  He didn't know if he was more scared of dying, or …

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Of all the people to show up tonight, I'd never thought he'd be one of them.  The memories came flooding back when my eyes caught his look.  When he went to jail I thought it was for life.  Surprised he didn't get killed in prison.  After what he did to my sister and me, a part …

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