I’ve been receiving a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check once a month for my entire adult life.  But ever since my parents started to collect their Social Security, I’ve got two checks every month.  One is through SSI, though cut in half, and the other one from Social Security I get through my parents.  It all adds up to being roughly the same amount I was getting through SSI.  My question is why am I receiving Social Security, and not just an SSI check?  Receiving Social Security means that check it going to flux from time to time.  If my parents are still working, and making more money than they’re collecting through Social Security, my check either gets reduced or stops all together.  Wouldn’t it be easier, and much less complicated if I’d get just one check through SSI?  But this is the US Government, where a lot of what they do doesn’t make any sense.    

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