Every New Year I have some goals in mind, but this was the first time I wrote them down.  I thought that if I kept them in my mind, I’d get the done.  This, however, turned out not true.  I’d always tell myself there is time.  Time always ran out before I’d do most of what I had in mind.  If I wrote them done, there is a good chance of doing, or attempting everything on my list.

Make a schedule and stick to it:  This is, without a doubt, my biggest problem.

Make deadlines for myself:  If I have a deadline, then it’s easier to stick to a schedule.

Read my work out loud:  This is going to be a challenge.  I can’t stand the sound of my voice.  I really don’t know anyone who does.

Along with completing a novel, I want to write one short story a week, and submit two a month.

Read a lot more:  Not just books, articles, columns, anything.

Read one how-to book a month.

Think I can do it?  If I put my mind to it, I know I can.

One thought on “GOALS

  1. ‘Read by author’ has a special cachet for many people – you know the stories best.

    You don’t have to – but you shouldn’t be afraid – and it gets better with practice (and no discouragement from self, friends, and family).

    I, on the contrary (big ego) love the sound of my own voice. I’m too old to worry about stupid stuff.

    You can do, reasonably well, most things you set your mind to. Maybe not all, and certainly not all at once, but you will surprise yourself.

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