As I read stories of heart patients who had the same operation, Mustard Procedure, I did fourty-two years ago, I am in shock that I’m one of the few who never had to have a pacemaker.  A lot of these patients are younger than me, and some have had multible pacemakers.  That made me think, and to wonder why I never needed one.  Maybe developing Cerebral Palsy, as a result of my heart problem, saved my heart, in a strange sort of way.  I was trying to be just another kid, wich for the most part, I was.  I didn’t give any thought, nor did I probably comprehend, that there was anything wrong.  When I did go see my doctor, I thought it was a waste of time, not to mention a big pain in the ass.  The bigger deal, I thought, was my CP.  Even at that, getting a check-up to see how well my legs were working, was to me, a waste of time.  I did everything the other kids did, just a little slower.  My cardiologist always told me to have fun.  He never said I couldn’t do this, or couldn’t do that.  He said do what you can.  That’s what I did, and it probably, I think, made my heart stonger.  Am I lucky to have had CP growing up?  Maybe.  All I know is that it took the focus away from my heart.  And that, for me, was a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Luckey?

  1. Hi Thanks for sharing.
    Most complications can be expected during venous access, positioning of the leads, and sensing and stimulation of the pacing system. The case of many patient illustrates that if care is taken, the procedure may be as simple and successfully performed as is routine in adults with normal cardiac anatomy. I think this is the case of yours and you are really lucky.

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