Is it better to be with someone just for the sake of not being alone, or would it be better to be alone if you don’t find that one that makes your heart go boom-boom?  We’ve all noticed the couple that doesn’t really belong together.  Always arguing and bickering over every little thing.  Then there’s the couple that must have it all figured out, always talking to one another and enjoying each other’s company.  I struggled with this decision for the better part of ten years, and finally made the right one.  It’s different for people with disabilities though.  Not only are we seeking a spouse, but a care-taker is sometimes required.  That’s why I had such a hard time with this decision.  I had to figure out if it was worth not being happy just to be taken care of.  After a while I figured out that not being happy was affecting my phyiscal health.  I knew I had to get out from under the smotherness that I felt.  Eight years later I’m relatiively happy without any regrets, but still looking for the perfect mate.

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