I don’t understand why some of these athlete’s feel that they have to cheat.  Isn’t winning more satisfying when you don’t cheat?  What is it, jealousy?  Isn’t it enough that you’re making a living, a good one at that, playing sports.  Why are you willing to do harm or risk your life by putting some, or maybe multiple drugs into your body?  Being disabled I guess I’m looking at it from a whole other side.  I have never had half the ability that an athlete does.  But not for a moment did I every think to use steroids, on any other drug, that shouldn’t be in my body.  And they lie about it on top off it.  How can anyone with a conscience do this?  I don’t know what’s worse, cheating or looking straight into the camera and telling eveyone that they did not cheat.  When I participated in the United Cerebral Palsy Games, or playing soccer, or just playing ball with the neighborhood kids.  I gave it my all, and I didn’t cheat.  On those rear occasions I did come out on top, knowing I did it on my own made it that much sweeter.  Really, isn’t that what it is all about?

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