New Year

2012 was a productive year.  Last month I received a diploma from Long Ridge Writers Group.  Something I’m proud of because my writing over the last two years got better with each assignment, and my confidence has grown from when I started the course.  I have submitted three short stories for publication, one of which I got a rejection letter with the other two still pending.  I’ve entered two short story, and a poetry contest.  Even though it was a growing year, I felt there was more I could’ve done.  I’m sure I’m not alone feeling that way about our goals for 2012.  To start off the new year, I challaged myself to try to write a book, atleast 50,000 words, between the first and the thirty-first of January.  That would be an amazing feat for me considering I’ve barely written 1,000 in a day.  But I like to aim big.   I’m not going to stop there.  I will continue to write short stories and submit, and enter contests.  I will write what I know.  And write what I don’t know, breaking the rule.  I will share some on-goings in my life, along with my opinions on certain things.  I want to make the new year, as I think we all do, better than this year.  No matter if it’s being more productive, or a better person, or you just want to be happier.  It’s a new year, full of new hope.  Whatever you do, make it a good year and don’t let it go to waste.  Happy New Year!!!

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