I knew it was going to happen some day, though, I hoped it wouldn’t happen until I was well into my 70’s.  Slowly and surlely, day by day, because of Cerebral Palsy my legs are failing me.  Not only when I walk, but also standing.  It’s more than walking and standing, though, it’s independence.  It was an independence that I took for granted.  In a way, it’s somewhat embarrassing having to rely on something to help me walk, or on someone to get me something out of the fridge that I was capable getting myself only a few months ago.  But I have to keep moving.  Even if that means crawling to get what I want, no matter how embarrassing it is.  I get pisse off, and frustrated sometimes because I can’t use my leg like I used too.  I may even eventually have to have a wheelchair to get around the  house.  But as long as there is breathe in this tired body, and a thought in my brain, I’ll keep moving forward.  Because when it comes down to it, independence or having it taken away, we do whatever we have to do to keep moving.

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