Go getter’s

One thing I’ve noticed about disabled people, myself included, is that most of us want to feel useful and contribute to the world, not to mention stay active.  When We’re made to feel useful, or given some responsibility, like a job, their’s a pride there to nobody can touch or take away.  When I heard about a disabled gentleman not being asked back, after a Burger King he was working at, after the building was reconstructed, got me more than a little upset.  This man, who worked there for thirteen years, was not only a hard worker, but was also well liked by all of the customers.  After his shift ended, he’d usually stay and do more work, because he just wanted to be there and help out.  To contribute.  If more people and business’ felt that way, there would be a whole lot more production and definnitely more pride to go around.

3 thoughts on “Go getter’s

  1. Jennifer Gallagher

    You have a divine influence on the people around you. You bring out the best in people. You are positive, outgoing and more than often a reminder that many things are possible as long as we try.

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