What is it that makes us who we are, do what we do and react the way we react?  A few days ago I found a group, through Facebook, that at one point in their lives had the same surgery I had as a baby, The Mustard Procedure.  To my surprise, I’m not the oldest survivor like I thought I was.  I started to read some of the posts that were there, we shair some common traits.  We take the same pills, going to the gym and trying to stay active.  But one thing we didn’t shair, a pacemaker.  I read were some have had multable pacemakers.  Some as early as in their 20’s.  In a moment where I felt very lucky, I also started to get very emotional.  I couldn’t help but wonder how and why I’ve been so lucky.  Maybe it’s because I never worried, or thought, that I had a heart problem.  To me, the biggest deal was that I walked differntly.  And at that, that was no big deal.  Or maybe it’s because I have been active most of my life, and that I look forward to tomorrow and everyday after.  I think that we could take all the pills that heal us and live a healthy lifestyle, but if you don’t look forward to anything, you stop caring.  That would be the most negative and counterproductive thing anyone can ever do.

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