Doing reserch for a assignment, I came across a term that dosen’t sit well with me, special needs child.  I don’t like it for a few reasons but the main problem I have with it is because ALL children are special.  All children have needs, and most have differnt needs.  Growing up, I heard a few differnt terms.  There was “phyically challanged.”  This term could apply to non-morining people, like myself.  Or it can apply to an aging ballplayerwho’s trying to beat out a young stud.  It also applys to anyone who is geting older and moves slower thenthey used to.  I also heard “handicapeable.”  What ever that ment.  Special, to me, means somthing you don’t get to do very often, like go to Disney World.  Needs arn’t special.  Children are, no matter what kind of needs they have.  So If a child needs braces on their teeth or their legs dosen’t make a child more special than the other one, they’re all very special.

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