Twenty-four years ago today started as a bright and beautiful sun-shiny spring day.  Everyone was getting ready to go to the football field and watch the graduation, including mine, of the last class off Swissvale High School.  As the day want on, though, the clouds were slowly rolling in.  As the graduates took their seats on the field and the bleachers full of proud parents it started to sprinkle.  We Could hear thunder in the distance as the valedictorian was speaking.  By the time our names were being called to come and recieve our diplomas, the rain picked up from a slow spinkle to a steady shower.  Right before my name was called, lightning lit up the sky and the thonder shook the ground, like the heavens were applauding.  Walking home that evening in the steady downpour was one of the happiest and proudest in my life.  Yet it was scary not to know what to do next.  I really wasn’t concerned about that though.  I was just happyI graduated and that school was over.

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