Raising the bar

It seems to me that accomplishments are getting easier than they should be.  That the bar has been lowered in everything we do, and that cannot be a good thing.  My first year of public school, I started out in the third grade.  Comming from a school for handicapped kids, where I got mostly A’s, to the main stream was very a challange for me.  No matter how much I did, I just couldn’t catch up.  By the time October came, I was back in second grade.  The work wasn’t any easier it was just at a slower pace, and guessing that I felt more confident because of it.  It still was a stuggle that year but somehow I made it through.  The only class I had to take in special education was reading, and that wasn’t until middle school.  The bar wasn’t lowered for me in school, delayed maybe.  Sometimes I had to work twice as hard just to keep up.  What was unexceptable back then, is now exceptable.  They rush you through school without really teaching you what hard work is.  If they would’ve done that with me, I don’t know what kind of person I’d be.  I didn’t like it at times but it got me through my early years of school, and of life.

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