As a child with a disablity, I felt like I was alittle more mature than the other kids.  Sometimes because I wanted to be.  Most of the time because I had to be.  I get the feeling it’s that way for most, if not all disabled kids.  They don’t want to act grown up, they have to act grown up because of their limitations.  They may try to do something physical that thay’ve never tried before, and that’s great.  But for the most part, they know what they can and can’t do.  Some disabled kids know they can do more than what they’re told what they can do by a parent or a doctor.  It also goes the other way, they know they can’t no matter how hard they try, but they’re being told yes they can.  No matter what is being said to the child, they’re going to find out on their own because nobody knows that child better than that child.

2 thoughts on “Limiations

  1. Donna

    Thanks for sharing – this is an aspect of the situation that I’d never considered before. It must be an additional burden to have to act grown up when you are struggling with a physical handicap. I think there must also be some feeling of wanting to “overcompensate”, to prove that there is more than meets the eye than just a physical handicap. Not an easy situation for starting out in life.

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