Bits & Pieces

Isn’t it funny how much we don’t remember, or choose not to remamber?  I was looking at some photo’s the other day, some very old, some not, and it was shocking to me how much I don’t remember.  It seems like I only remember the happy times, and even at that’s in bits and pieces.  Their are some unhappy times I undoubtedly remember because at that time it was the worst thing I could imangin happening to me.   Then their are the photo’s that bring back happy memories that were long forgotten.  I pulled out a picture of me in the second grade that made me laugh.  It was halloween and all of us kids got dressed up after lunch.  Before we did, the teacher told us to sit at the desk of another student.  She wanted to try and guess who we were.  After she got done guessing and getting almost every student right, she said return to your seats.  I didn’t realize that I did not know where my desk was, but I also knew it was the messiest with papers sticking out of it.  As we were going back to our seat, I was trying not to look like I didn’t know where my desk was, but also looking for the papers sticking out of my desk.   In the end I found my desk with little trouble.  It’s a memory like that that it dosn’t seem like much but we look back with great fondness, thinking it would be nice to be that age again, just for a day.

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