The charming little house was coming along nicely. The renovations were a few day away from being done, and Ken was breaking ground for the new swing set he promised his niece and nephew would be up when they came over. Ken had dumped a shovel full of dirt into a wheelbarrow, and push the … Continue reading Tin


I swore I could keep that secret, but than she appeared. Candi. The girl that said she wouldn't bother me again, then showed up with pictures. It might have been my fault. I wasn't that drunk when she threw herself at me. The wife and I were fighting about the same shit we always do. … Continue reading Candi

New Kid

Peter didn't  care is Sharon wanted him there or not. Just as long as he was in the same room with her. He's been in love with her since mid-October, when she move next door and became the new kid in his class. Every day after school he'd go over to sit with her for … Continue reading New Kid


John loved to wander in the woods during the summer. Pitching a tent for a few days wasn't unusual. A soon as the sun started to sink beneath the trees, he set up camp on this warn July evening. He laid inside the tent and listened to the crickets serenade him. About an hour later … Continue reading Attack


The hole was the size as Jupiter. The one thing command did not want to happen, Tripp and his crew of mischievous astronauts allowed. They past to close, and got sucked into the empty space. Once the ship was engulfed by the opening, a unique light show flashed. The five crew members gathered in the … Continue reading Spectacle